1st annual tomato hullabaloo

Please join us at Bootsie’s Heritage Café in Tomball Texas on Wednesday June 23, 2010 for a 6 course dinner inspired by the humble tomato and the hard working men & women who grow them locally.  The tomato hullabaloo will focus on the versatility of the tomato and showcase it’s many textures and flavors.

$50 per person

TOMATO TARTARE bonito broth, jelly & nasturtium  

TOMATO SALAD watermelon, duck ham & bouillon

TOMATO BISQUE fennel & chevre

PAN CON TOMATE inspired by the rustic bread from the catalan region of spain

TOMATO TARTE black olive & english pea

TOMATO ICE CREAM custard, black garlic & basil

please call 281 516 9699 to make reservations…


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  1. I knew there was more to Tomatoes then pizza.

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