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greens & beans mercantile & bakery (opening fall 2010)

pronunciation: \ˈmər-kən-ˌtēl, -ˌtī(-ə)l\

function: adjective

etymology: French, from Italian, from mercante merchant, from Latin mercant-, mercans, from present participle of mercari to trade

Our mercantile will provide us an arena to showcase the cultures & traditions of the southern gulf coast by focusing on techniques such as pickling, preserving & the art of charcuterie.  The bakery and pâtisserie will provide artisan breads & pastries for Bootsie’s Heritage Café & restaurant connate and will be available to the public while daily supplies daily last.   

sample of our HOUSE-MADE goods & services…

mercantile – 

  • breakfast service
  • “picnic-style” lunch boxes
  • “u cook it-style” dinner casseroles
  • extensive coffee program provided by local barista David Buehrer
  • fresh pastas
  • flatbreads
  • fresh popcorn
  • milk shakes & malts
  • naturally raised meats
  • terrines, pates & potted meats
  • farmhouse eggs
  • nick’s charcoal
  • preserves
  • jams
  • pickles
  • produce
  • lemonade & fresh juices
  • sausages
  • deli meats
  • bacon
  • hams
  • salamis
  • cheeses
  • locally milled products such as flours, cereals, grains and cornmeal for cornbread & grits

bakery & pâtisserie

  • daily breads
  • truffles
  • cupcakes
  • tarts
  • macaroons
  • special occasion cakes
  • fudge
  • brownies
  • financiers
  • cakes


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2 responses to “in other news…

  1. Angel Collins

    went to Bootsies for the first time Saturday morning with the crew from Walk Tomball – talk about great food! Fresh, inventive and tastey! I have been meaning to get there for lunch or dinner; this just made me finally put a date to the calendar! Fantastic!

  2. scott gordon

    Menu looks great> Can’t wait to try out the CFS night.
    Do you have a full bar?? wine?? beer??

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