chix fried steak night!!!

  • every thursday night will be celebrating the chix fried steak at Bootsie’s Heritage Café in Tomball, TX
  • reservations are not required but highly suggested due to the limited amount of beef we receive that day – in other words “when they are gone – they are gone!”
  • our chix fried steak is made from the teres major muscle and is known as a “butchers cut” which historically was reserved by the butcher for his own families consumption.  the meat has the prized texture of tenderloin and packed with the flavor of the sirloin – it’s the best of both worlds
  • a special pre-paid option is available and recommended (281-516-9699)
  • we will offer both 4oz ($12) & 8oz ($16) portions & will be served potato confit & mushroom gravy
  • our reasoning for designating a specific night for this southern fried delicacy is to produce the best product we can for our guests and by offering it on one night we can give it the attention it deserves.  the team at Bootsie’s Heritage Café does not believe in shortcuts or “sandbagging” and will continue to cook each steak to order – great foods takes time…
  • …and yes, the ever-changing a la carte menu will be available


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2 responses to “chix fried steak night!!!

  1. there’s always room for chix fried steak

  2. Laurie Bernier

    Just discovered your restaurant and would like to be added to your mailing list of upcoming events.

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