dinner 8.13.2010


a plate of assorted seasonal pickles 5

french breakfast radishes w/ whipped butter & smoked sea salt 5

smokey grit casserole w/ house-made tasso ham & local cheese 8

cobia crudo w/ necterines 9

skillet cornbread w/ whipped butter & smoked honey 6

hot duck terrine w/ pickled cherries 9


proper chix & vegetable soup 4/8

farmhouse salad w/ frisee, chix cracklin’, toasted brioche & poached hen egg 9

baby beet salad w/ radish & mint 9

baby arugula salad w/ green apple, smoked bacon & lemon 9


crouque-madame 10

crystal beach po boy 9

½ lb burger w/ cheese 10

mother rucker burger…1 lb of beef, chix fried bacon & fried farmhouse egg 16


fresh pappardelle pasta w/ lots of vegetables & herbs 16

chix fried chix w/ potato confit & sawmill gravy 12

roasted cobia w/ a warm heirloom tomato & herb salad 18

blue crab risotto w/ fried cabbage leaves 18

texas redfish on the ½ halfshell 16

roasted teres major w/ mushroom & potato confit 21


roasted brussels sprouts, mac & cheese, 3rd coast chips, potato confit, potato salad, smokey grits 5


bootsie’s spicy bread & butter pickles 9/16


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