an evening of pastry & dessert with chef chris leung

A dessert tasting that will span the horizon of the pastry spectrum in terms of flavor, technique, and presentation. Implementing techniques from the classic to the ultra modern. Comforting flavor combinations to intriguing flavors. Avant garde plated desserts, candies, chocolates and pastries found in pastry shops and bakeries will all be a part of the tasting.

The tasting will include 10-12 sweet courses, ranging from one bi…te desserts to fully composed desserts. There will also be a few intermezzo savory courses included in the tasting. An option for wine pairing is also being offered.


$50 per person for tasting
$75 per person for tasting with wine pairings

*tax and gratuity not included*

Please call Bootsie’s Heritage Cafe for reservations or questions.

(281) 516-9699

>>ROUGH DRAFT MENU<< (kind of an idea of what to look forward to)

**star anise panna cotta*fennel consomme*candied orange*pickled cucumber seeds*

**buckwheat granola*peanut butter cream*mozzarella*grapefruit*

**oatmeal cookie*ginger crunch*raisin-white port puree*sour cream*

**nutmeg quiche tart*sauteed butter apples*elderflower*olive oil*

**frozen gingerbread*meyer lemon gel*paprika pineapple*meringue*

**chocolate bergamot*smoked hay*

**blue cheese truffle*champagne*

**corn truffle*sake*honey*

**macaroon*pandan*rice*black sesame*toast*coffee*

**torte*ricotta*citrus gelee*chocolate cake*chocolate caramel*


**frozen chocolate powder*coriander marshmallow*candied poundcake*encapsulated orange*lavender


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