thanksgiving 101

in november we will be offering 3 classes that cover important techniques and culinary applications that apply to the classic thanksgiving dinner.  each class will be taught be the culinary staff of Bootsie’s Heritage Cafe & restaurant connate (winter 2010-2011) and will be very hands on.  the classes will operate similar to how the professional kitchen operates including learning the importance of remaining clean and organized, mise en place and timing.  each class is 3 hours long and costs $75/person which includes both an academic and practical setting with dinner served directly after.  we will cover the heritage and history of thanksgiving dinner (including the misconceptions) and allow everyone to share their favorite thanksgiving dinner disaster. 

sunday 11/24/2010

4pm – 7pm 

featuring…poultry, fowl & hams

monday 11/25/2010

6pm – pm

featuring…vegetable cookery, side dishes & sauces

wed 11/27/2010

6pm – 9pm

featuring…breads & desserts 

for more information & booking info please call Bootsie’s… 281 516 9699


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