3rd coast menu 3/3/2011

3rd coast menu

Our 3rd coast menu is a collection of dishes that best illustrates our philosophy and cooking style.  It showcases the bounties of the 3rd coast in simple, thoughtful and unique applications and presentations – always allowing the ingredients to be highlighted and accented by its natural state.  Mother nature and has a large influence on our cuisine and we believe the meaning of true luxury is providing our guests with products that are indigenous to texas and the 3rd coast.


canapé service…

caramelized onion cake with grated pepperoni & anise

pork chicharrón with powdered apple and kimchee



van sorman flavored éclair with chicken liver mousse


southern charcuterie service…$10 supplement


pepper grove oyster from east bay galveston with celery


gulf blue crab in gelled dashi with bay laurel cream and grapefruit kosho


farmhouse egg with hay-smoked louisiana caviar, caramelized white chocolate and seeding chickweed


risotto of fried carnaroli rice, aji panca, raisins and squid ink


gulf yellowfin tuna with charred celery root and coastal samphire


boudin of hill country rabbit and its best parts with cippolini and mustard


teres major lacquered in onion ash with carrot confit, nasturtium and oxtail jus


cornmeal-apple cake with roasted apple ice cream, lemon, coconut, coco and caramel


brazos cheese co service


6-course $35

9-course $55

wine/beer pairings available


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  1. That sounds amazing! You guy’s do a great job!

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