4.2.2011 3rd coast menu

photo by chuck cook

[ canapé service ]

chicken liver mousse with sweet & sour cremeux

carrots cooked in hay with black cardamom & jasmine yogurt

parfait of duck liver & caramelized white chocolate


[amuse-gueule ]

pickled quails egg with grated pepperoni & chive


southern charcuterie service…10 supplement

raw barrelfish from the northern gulf coast with raw & pureed nasturtium

biganos from rollover pass dressed in a mayonnaise made from miso, seaweed & their innards

corned beef cheek jelly with juniper mustard & wood sorrel

light fricassee of the best bits & pieces of spring rabbit & duck

quail from plantersville, texas with brussels sprout leaves & a gel made from its bone & aged sherry

crisp honey-comb tripe with legumes & woodear mushrooms foraged from spring creek

gently cooked gulf scorpion fish with baby squash, fried black kale & powdered green olives

thrice cooked ribeye of beef with oxtail jus, brown butter, caramelized cauliflower stems & pureed florets

cucumberin 3 applications : pickled, candied & crystallized with chocolate, orange & caraway ice cream

6-course $35

9-course $55

…wine/beer pairings available


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