4.7.2011 3rd coast menu

photo by chuck cook

[ canapé service ]

carrots cooked in hay with black cardamom & jasmine yogurt

parfait of duck liver & caramelized white chocolate


[ amuse-gueule ]

pickled quails egg with grated pepperoni & chive


southern charcuterie service…10 supplement

raw barrelfish from the northern gulf coast with fermented stevia & sansyo pepper

cauliflower vichyssoise with coastal biganos, pickled chorizo & sunchoke

terrine of smoked barracuda, aubergine & swiss chard with crisped skin & sassafras

collards & dumplings enriched with duck fat & jelly

caramelized porridge of quinoa cooked in ham bouillon with honey-comb tripe & radish

golden tilefish with  pickled sweet potato & shaved brussels sprouts flavored with coriander brine

magret of duck with kohlrabi & spring onion : juiced, pickled, charred & dried

white chocolate mousseline with coriander ice cream, orange curd & ginger beer

chocolate flan with candied quinoa, lemon sorbet & sweet cream

6-course $35

9-course $55

…extra courses can be provided upon request

…wine/beer pairings available


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