4.14 3rd coast menu

photo by chuck cook

canapé service

parfait of duckliver & caramelized white chocolate

carrots cooked in hay with black cardamom & jasmine yogurt

crispy smoked barracuda skin with lemon cream

southern charcuterie service

country-style bread, pickles & mustard…10 supplement

lost reef oyster from southwest trinity bay

kombo & beautyberry vinegar

soft scramble of a farmhouse egg

cured roe, fried potato & dried kraut


frozen powder of smoked barracuda & flowering oxalis

crispy tentacles

pickled leek, charred cucumber & black olive caramel

torched confit of squid

pickled sweet potato puree & tint basil leaves

quail from plantersville

gel made from its bones & 20 year old sherry vinegar

caramelized porridge of quinoa

honey-comb tripe, black radish & yarrow

earl grey ice

cocoa meringue, hay & caramel

coffee mousse

orange curd, buckwheat & nasturtium

6-course $35

9-course $55

…wine/beer pairing available

…additional courses can be provided upon request


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