a rare lunch menu post for 4.15

photo chuck cook



chilled potato soup, nasturtium & broccoli pesto  4/8

wild boar sausage

house sauerkraut, juniper mustard & pickled red onion  9

½ dozen found reef oysters from southwest trinity bay

kombu & beautyberry vinegar  9

southern charcuterie & cheese

country-style bread, pickles & mustard  16



fried tripe sandwich

spicy mayo, bacon & onion marmalade on texas toast  9

3rd coast fish & chips (almaco jack)

malt vinegar & spicy mayo  14

pappardelle pasta

wild boar ragout  & charred spring onions  15

pork paillard

shaved brussels sprouts, roasted squash & brown butter  14                                                    

½ lb patty-melt

cheese, bacon & onion marmalade on texas toast  10

texas redfish

next level collards & pot licker  16                                     


roasted baby squash, leeks & mascarpone cheese  9

ask about our 3rd coast menuavailable lunch, dinner or brunch


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