3rd coast menu 4.16

canapé service

parfait of duckliver & caramelized white chocolate on sourdough flatbread

pickled quails egg with grated pepperoni

english pea cake with smoked orange rind

frozen pearls of found reef oysters from southwest trinity bay

kombu, noilly prat & beautyberry vinegar

scrambled farmhouse egg mousse

cured & dried roe, fried potato & dried kraut

strawberry & rose gazpacho

yarrow ice, cucumber & preserved coriander buds

sweet pea capellini

creamed lemon peel, soft quails egg & crunchy pieces of pork

confit of squid

braised pork neck, pickled sweet potato puree & tiny basil leaves

quail from plantersville

tender greenbriar shoots & gel made from its bones & 20 year old sherry vinegar

pork roasted over dried sassafras limbs

spring onion & lavender

earl grey ice

cocoa meringue, hay & caramel

coffee mousse

orange curd, buckwheat & nasturtium


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