3rd coast 5.21.2011

photo by chuck cook

canapé service

preserved golden beet pate with textured honey

belly of flounder

pickled quails eggs


southern charcuterie service…supplement 15/person

3rd coast “pagre”…aka pink porgy

miso, lime & nasturtium vinaigrette

smoked magret of duck

braised radish, violas & rhubard-elder blossom granita

terrine of rabbit & smoked pork

pickled mustard seeds, onion marmalade & beer crackers

grits cooked in young corn juice

torpedo onions, dried lamb & tender fennel

striped bass

purple cherokee tomato, dashi & spicy basil leaves

quail from plantersville

charred baby leeks with potatoes coated in malt, brown butter & cocoa

braised saddle of rabbit

carrots from utility research garden, aged sherry & teenage arugula

thyme panna cotta

blue cheese dots, cinnamon, lemon, molasses & rose

milk chocolate anglaise

malt streusel, apricot, yeast, hops & togarashi

6 course…35

9 course…55

wine/beer pairing available




chef…randy rucker                                                                

chef de cuisine…mark clayton

chef de pâtisserie…chris leung                                                           

chef de partie…carlos herrera

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