lunch service 5.26.2011

hori from kata letting loose at the starchefs gala in houston…photo by


smoked fish chowda                                               

fresh thyme & country-style bread  4/8

southern charcuterie

country-style bread, pickles & mustard  14

fried biscuits

salted pork & tomato jam  8

terrine of rabbit & smoked pork

pickled mustard seeds, beer crackers & onion marmalade  9


 whole confit of quail

salad of pickled torpedo onions & teenage arugula  15

sourdough flatbread

smoked duck, emmentaler & nasturtium  12

 black olive fettuccini (3 orders)

young fennel, grated peperoni & tomato dashi  14

  salad of crisp duck confit

potato confit, preserved pole beans & pickled quails egg  15

3rd coast fish & chips (3 orders)

spicy mayo & malt vinegar  14

jordan’s boudin

 texas toast, house-made mustard & petite arugula salad  12


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