112  commerce street

tomball, texas 77375


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  1. Bricks Corbin

    There were six in our party last Saturday evening. We came because of the positive writeup in the Houston Chronicle. Unfortunately it was the worse dining experience any of us have ever had. Your food was just awful. There were no positives in our visit and naturally we will never return. I do not see how you can stay in business.

    • im very sorry you did not enjoy your evening at bootsie’s. we never set out to be “something for everybody” and stick to our guns when it comes to our cuisine, philosophy and approach. i do however respect your opinion but will not allow your utter disrespect. we will be printing your comment with your name attached on the backside of our menus for all to enjoy. thanks for taking the time to let us know how you feel about our hard work and ridiculous dedication to our craft. here’s to you sir…much obliged!!!

      • Zack

        Thank you for being uncompromising.

        I had the pleasure of eating at Bootsie’s last night and it was one of the most enjoyable dining experiences I’ve ever had.

  2. Thank you for coming and sharing your experiences, and advice. I just started school, and an extremely passionate about cooking. I’ve never had more fun, been so sure of myself, be so happy, or be so confident. You and your collegues and friends, were so helpful and I really enjoyed listening to all of you.

  3. Randy,

    Congratulations once again on your continuing success. It was a distinct pleasure to meet you and Chris at the StarChefs “Rising Stars” celebration last night. I am looking forward to your distinguished cuisine!

    With high regards,

    Craig Shelton,
    Managing Partner & Executive Chef
    The Inn at Dos Brisas

  4. Mike

    Do you every cook beef wellington? Our anniversary is coming up May 28th and my wife has a hankering for beef wellington since she’s seen it cooked so many times on Hells Kitchen. I have not found a restaurant in the Houston area that serves it.

  5. Grace

    I am so excited for my second meal at your amazing establishment. Bringing new people this time!

  6. Grace

    Randy!!!! Are you really closed?? Relocating? Please post something!!

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