our 3rd coast menu

our 3rd coast menu is a collection of dishes that best describes our philosophy and cooking style.  the menu begins with a series of amuse bouche or snacks to not only stimulate your appetite but feed your curiosity of what’s to come.  the menu showcases the bounties of the 3rd coast in simple, thoughtful and unique applications and presentations – always allowing the ingredient to be highlighted and accented by what’s around it naturally.  nature and natural habitat are key influences on our cuisine which has sparked our passion for foraging.  we have only began to scratch the surface of wild edibles along the gulf coast and we have the ability to give our guests products that are only ours.  this is what we believe to be true luxury.  


our 3rd coast menu

6-course $35

9-course $55

wine/beer pairings available

4 responses to “our 3rd coast menu

  1. Bertha Cabello

    interested in events

  2. this sounds intriguing! can you post a copy of it so we can see?

  3. Kevin

    sounds very interesting.
    reservation required or we can just come in?

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