lunch service 5.20.2011

photo by chuck cook


rich tomato & fish soup                                          

potato confit & country-style bread  4/8

southern charcuterie

country-style bread, pickles & mustard  14

 pork rillette

pickled quails egg & onions with toasted county-style bread  8

crudo of flounder belly

miso & nasturtium vinaigrette  8

fried biscuits

salted pork & cheddar with onion marmalade



whole confit of quail

kale & cippolini 15

 roasted louisiana flounder

preserved golden beets & radish tops  16

 “yes maam”

hot wild hog ham & cheese with béchamel & fried farmhouse egg  12

 3rd coast fish & chips

spicy mayo & malt vinegar  14

 cornmeal laced striped bass

creamy cheese grits  15

jordan’s boudin

 texas toast, house-made mustard & petite arugula salad  12


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3rd coast 5.19.2011

photo by chuck cook

canapé service

chicharrón with togarashi

wild hog ham

   duck dumpling with rhubarb marmalade


southern charcuterie service…supplement 15/person

belly of flounder

miso & nasturtium vinaigrette

gazpacho of neal’s rhubarb

st. germain, black mint & pureed cucumber skin

ballontine of rabbit & its best parts

pickled mustard seeds & candied grains

black olive fettuccini

creamed lemon, fava bean & seeding wood sorrel

striped bass

braised radish, condensed maple & garlic soup

quail from plantersville

smoked potato broth, preserved cipollini & woodear mushrooms

magret of duck & its heart

pureed sweet potato, aged sherry & petite courgettes   

thyme panna cotta

warm apricots, blue cheese, cinnamon & rose


milk chocolate & hops cream, lemon, molasses, smoked salt, malt & peanut butter

6 course…35

9 course…55

wine/beer pairing available




     chef…randy rucker     

chef de cuisine…mark clayton

chef de patisserie…chris leung           

chef de partie…carlos herrera  

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libations menu 4.30


the sam houston…sassafras, new age “white”, orange & CO2                                         5

willow flat…french lavender, new age “red” & hinze family honey granita                  6


marcel martin tete de cuvee                                                                 15/52

bugey cerdon rose                                                                                  16/63


mantanzas creek sauvignon blanc                                                      13/50

gustave lorentz gewürztraminer                                                          16/61

mil vientos torrontes                                                                              11/40


santa sarbara “zcs”                                                                                   10/39

stratton lummis cabernet sauvignon                                                    17/65

row eleven pinot noir                                                                               24/93

collette beaujolais-villages                                                                      12/45

two angels cabernet sauvignon                                                              15/59

patricia green bishop creek pinot noir                                                 25/95

santa julia malbec                                                                                      9/35


 independence brewing co – austin

freestyle                                               5

bootlegger brown                              5

independence pale ale                      5

convict hill oatmeal stout                6

austin amber                                      5

wasatch brewing co – utah

“belgium-style” white ale                6

jester king brewery – austin

black metal imperial stout             17

southern star brewing co – conroe

pine belt pale ale 16oz                     6

buried hatchet stout                        6

bombshell blonde                             5

brouwerji van steenberge – belgium

piraat ale                                          8

st. sebastiaan golden                     9


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3rd coast menu 4.30

canapé service

fromage de tete with mustard seed marmalade

black olive toast with gelled berries & arugula

raw queen snapper

fermented stevia & sansyo pepper

various marinated squashes

pickled lychee, espellete & smoked fishbone jelly

tartare of smoked duck

sassafras milk, spring onions, cauliflower & jasmine

confit of purple potatoes

yogurt, malt, dried duck & preserved cippolini

yellowedge grouper…11

duck skin, crookneck squash & nasturtium

quail from plantersville

quails egg, pole beans & tender greenbriar shoots

saddle of hill country rabbit

kidneys, kale, juniper & purple mustard

mascarpone cream

lemon buerre blanc, pickled mustard seeds, apple-oolong, rye & ceylon cinnamon

dark chocolate cremeux

peanut butter mousse, dried cake, coconut, tamarind-orange & popcorn  

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3rd coast menu 4.16

canapé service

parfait of duckliver & caramelized white chocolate on sourdough flatbread

pickled quails egg with grated pepperoni

english pea cake with smoked orange rind

frozen pearls of found reef oysters from southwest trinity bay

kombu, noilly prat & beautyberry vinegar

scrambled farmhouse egg mousse

cured & dried roe, fried potato & dried kraut

strawberry & rose gazpacho

yarrow ice, cucumber & preserved coriander buds

sweet pea capellini

creamed lemon peel, soft quails egg & crunchy pieces of pork

confit of squid

braised pork neck, pickled sweet potato puree & tiny basil leaves

quail from plantersville

tender greenbriar shoots & gel made from its bones & 20 year old sherry vinegar

pork roasted over dried sassafras limbs

spring onion & lavender

earl grey ice

cocoa meringue, hay & caramel

coffee mousse

orange curd, buckwheat & nasturtium

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easter sunday brunch 4.24.2011

chilled english pea soup

smoked bacon & raw goats buttermilk

southern charcuterie

country-style bread, pickles & mustard

a salad inspired by spring

shoots, flowers, tender leaves, raw & cooked vegetables

bootsie’s breakfast

country-style breakfast lnk, creamy grits & poached farmhouse eggs

texas redfish

fricassee of spring vegetables, herbs & their natural juices

biscuits & gravy

sweet cream biscuits, venison sausage gravy & green onions

braised oxtail benedict

poached farmhouse eggs, texas toast, black kale & brown butter hollandaise

whole roasted quail

dirty rice stuffing & shaved brussels sprouts

shrimp n grits

gulf shrimp, creamy grits & creole bouillon

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a rare lunch menu post for 4.15

photo chuck cook



chilled potato soup, nasturtium & broccoli pesto  4/8

wild boar sausage

house sauerkraut, juniper mustard & pickled red onion  9

½ dozen found reef oysters from southwest trinity bay

kombu & beautyberry vinegar  9

southern charcuterie & cheese

country-style bread, pickles & mustard  16



fried tripe sandwich

spicy mayo, bacon & onion marmalade on texas toast  9

3rd coast fish & chips (almaco jack)

malt vinegar & spicy mayo  14

pappardelle pasta

wild boar ragout  & charred spring onions  15

pork paillard

shaved brussels sprouts, roasted squash & brown butter  14                                                    

½ lb patty-melt

cheese, bacon & onion marmalade on texas toast  10

texas redfish

next level collards & pot licker  16                                     


roasted baby squash, leeks & mascarpone cheese  9

ask about our 3rd coast menuavailable lunch, dinner or brunch

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